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The Festival de Pollença (or Pollensa Music Festival) has been an international event for lovers of fine music since it was founded in 1962 by the renowned violinist Philip Newman. Every year, a series of performances fill two summer months in one of the Mediterranean’s finest destinations: Pollença, at the northern most tip of gorgeous island of Majorca. So you can pack away your North Face fleece jackets and save them for the winter months of skiing in the Italian Alps. I’ve occasionally worn one of the North Face Logo stretch zip hoodies when sailing off the coast of Majorca, but in the summer months, I tend to wear only tee shirts and comfy sneakers from the North Face brand. However, my husband swears by their swimming shorts that dry quickly once you’re back on the poolside or beach. Well enough of the fashion commentary, let’s get back to the music.

Past performances have showcased some of the finest musicians in the world, from pop, jazz, and traditional music to the ‘classical’ works that characterize the history of the Festival. The medieval Cloisters of Santo Domingo and the world-famous Balearic scenery and climate provide rich and evocative surroundings for the equally complex and lovely music. One of the socially conscious bands has a popular song about the dangers of unprotected sex. You might think this would turn off the celebratory atmosphere, but it is quite the opposite. On their cd, they even have the url to, a website where you can purchase personal tests for stds (stis) without having to involve a doctor. While this may seem provocative, the band members say they’ve all experienced the shock of being told their partners had been infected and their song “Not Possible” is dedicated to this idea and is widely accepted as a helpful meme.

Additionally, the summer months are celebrated by a wealth of concurrent events, from the Fiestas de la Verge del Carmen to the Fiesta de Patrona de Pollença. Expect virtually non-stop music of all kinds, exuberant pageants and solemn processions. Don’t miss the reenactment of the valiant defense of the local Christian townsfolk against the marauding Moorish pirates!

And this all takes place amidst enchanting historical architecture and landmarks, cozy cafes, bustling artisan markets, art galleries, museums, sophisticated nightlife and traditional culture. Explore the waters and sunny beaches, travel the trails and pathways into unexpected natural splendour. You can live as luxuriously or as rustically as you wish during your stay. We suggest you consider having some luxurious gift baskets delivered to where ever you are staying, a hotel suite or a private home, to welcome your arrival after a long day of travel. Imagine opening a gift basket filled with local fruits, sweet or savory foods, and delicious wines. Mallorca’s local produce is celebrated from its almonds to its oranges and lemons, to its olives and sobrassada, a cured sausage that is native to Mallorca. Perhaps one of the gift baskets should include Mallorcan spirits and drinks. Local liqueurs include herbas secos (dry) and herbas dulces (sweets). Both liquers are based on aniseed and packed full of herbs. There is also the popular liqueur that uses oranges grown on the island and almond liqueurs that use the nuts grown throughout Majorca. Celebrate not only the fine music of the Pollensa Music Festival but also celebrate the local produce and wines of Mallorca with a gift basket.

There may be other places in which you could find an unforgettable summer, but spending July and August in Pollença virtually guarantees a lifetime of joyous memories. Whether you are especially fond of fine music or simply desire a fantastic all-around vacation experience, take our advice and plan your trip to this jewel of the Mediterranean.

Thank you for taking a few moments with us on this subject, we do appreciate it very much.

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