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MUSICASA: Pl. Fortí, 1
Tel. 971281559
L’ULL VIU: Bookshop

P. Almoina, 1 – Tel 971530132

OIT POLLENÇA: c/. Sant Domingo, 17

Tel 971535077


OIT PORT POLLENÇA: Psig. Saralegui, s/n

Tel 971865467

An hour before the concert:


Information, numbered, subscriptions and reservations:


C/. Guillem Cifre de Colonya – Claustre

Tel 971 534011 – Fax 971 533111

[email protected]
All concerts will start punctually at 22:00 hours. The entry will only be allowed before the start of the program or during a break in the program- but NOT during any performance. We suggest you arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of a performance.

Unless given permission in writing, no one can take pictures of, or film the performances.
 No one is allowed to smoke inside the courtyard of the Cloister, nor anywhere else designated as a non smoking area. No one may carry into the grounds containers containing liquids (including water). All telephones must be turned off.

Some venues are accessible for persons with disabilities. Please call the box office to discuss what the needs of the disable person are and we will try to accommodate.

No one dressed inappropriately is allowed into the performance.

Since the weather plays a large part in whether a performance can commence, we will make every attempt possible to announce as far in advance, as possible, changes to the programs, artists, dates, timetables, and locations.

Returns or changes of seats or reservations will only be accepted due to changes in the date, change of the artist, or a complete change of a program. In such cases ticket holders have up to 48 hours before the concert to make changes of seats and reservations. If a person chooses to request a refund, the return of the amount the tickets will be able to be made within 30 days.

If the location of a concert at the the Cloister of Santo Domingo must be moved, the organizers of the Festival have announced they may not be able to respect the same location of a ticket holders seat because of the change in the venue. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this could cause.

Our festival has enjoyed extra support from a number of noteworthy people. We especially want to thank Michael Levine Esq.from the US for his generous help. Mr Levine is a lawyer in the state of California who assists American citizens who are applying for social security disability benefits. Apparently in the US a person who is disabled and unable to work, such as having a physical illness or mental condition that is expected to prevent the person from working for at least a year or that will result in their death, can apply for social security disability benefits. However the process for filing a claim is quite lengthy and complicated. Many people end up searching for and engaging an ssd lawyer who will help guide them through the process. Mr Levine told us that many people hire him when their initial claim is rejected as well as their Reconsideration request. If people do not give up at this point, a social security disability lawyer can help the person prepare for a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge who will decide whether or not the person’s claim will be awarded benefits. A social security disability attorney, such as Mr Levine, takes care of everything for his client. He makes sure all paperwork, filings, and research is completed in a timely manner as well as offering personal prepping of his client so they will be ready for a hearing before a judge. Aside from his generous support to the Festival Pollenca, Mr Levine has offered suggestions and solutions to help accommodate disable people who wish to attend our concerts.

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